Treatments and Fees

At our first meeting the initial consultation takes place in order to discuss your requirements and goals.  I will also need to gather personal information such as sleep patterns and whether you are on medication.

I will also explain how the brain works relevant to what you are going through and how the hypnotherapy process will work.

At the end of this consultation we can discuss how many sessions approximately you will require.

At subsequent sessions we begin the therapy with psychotherapy which is a talking therapy.  This encourages you to think positively and set our your desired goals and wishes.  This is then followed by relaxation and hypnotherapy. This is when we have access to the subconscious mind which is ready to take on board positive suggestion.

To help with this process I will give you a relaxation CD or MP3 link to listen to every evening which will help in the process.

Initial consultation – £30

Hypnotherapy sessions lasting approximately 50 minutes – £60